About the CFD Market

CFDs or Contracts for Difference, is a mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller which implies that in future both parties will exchange the difference between the opening value and the closing value of shares contracted through cash payments, rather than the delivery of the physical securities. CFD concept was first commenced in 1990 and primarily used by hedge-funds and institutional investors to hedge their exposure to stocks and purpose of tax exemption.

Today, investors have realized that the real advantage of CFD is its ability to trade on leverage on any underlying instrument. WegoFx offers its clients a convenient way to speculate on CFDs, with high leverage through our advanced platforms.

At WegoFx we offer you a variety of CFD instruments available through our state-of-the-art MT5 trading platform.

WegoFx Trading Advantages


Trading without actually purchasing the asset in question.


Low-cost and low-margin trading.


3 markets in 1 platform Trade CFDs, Forex and Spot metals on the same MT5 account


A variety of instruments to choose from: energy futures, major indices and agricultural commodities.